Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

WRC Drinking Game

Just because, it's the WRC Drinking Game. (Feel free to substitute M&Ms or whatever your counter of choice is.)

Note: this is based on the US broadcast. I'm not sure how well it works with the coverage seen in other parts of the world. Folks who see other 'casts, please feel free to chip in with whatever's appropriate.

- Once for every time the announcer refers to the Skoda using a word that refers to its large size (large, cumbersome, big, etc.)

- Once for every time Petter Solberg does something strange.
- Chug if it's something like kissing the camera.

- Any time someone's wrong tire choice is commented on.
- Two if it's Petter Solberg.

- Once for every time there is an interview with someone who is incomprehensible due to their accent and bad mic'ing.
- Twice if it's two people with a difficult to understand accent.

- Every time we see a driver's white underbelly.

- Once for every time the announcer says that tire choice will be critical for success for a stage/rally.

- Every time you see the road's temperature being taken.

- Any time there is wildlife on the road (kagaroos, mooses, spectators.)
- Chug if the spectators are doing anything useful.

We'll add more as we think of them. Probably on Thrusday. Anyone else, please feel free to add as well.
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