Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Because I'm Sharing Today

Ultra Papa fighting sounds like someone having a bad time on the john.

And on an only semi-related note, aw, dammit. Another stupid random song. I don't remember if I have a clean copy of this one or not. :P

Ooh, ooh! I was going to post this earlier then didn't. In examining the cat couch I realized that I needed to get some coffee beans, to refresh the nasal passageways when I'm checking if/where stuff still smells. Me needing to go grocery shopping and there being a Starbucks next to the grocery store, I saw a Clever Plan (tm) evolving. So I popped in and the barristas were kind enough to give me a handful of beans (thank you kind barristas!) I left the cup with the beans in it in my car while I did my shopping and came back a while later expecting, at worst, for my car to smell like coffee.

It didn't. It smelled like a skunk. :P

On the bright side, there is now more of the couch not smelling of cat piss than there is couch that does. I'm not completely there yet, but at least I now have reasonable hope of managing to restore the couch to an acceptable state. It will be good to have it cleaned and finished and returned to its rightful owner, who has been very patient and gracious about the whole unfortunate incident.

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