Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Not Bad

I met up for dinner with a friend today. Upon being asked how I was doing I replied "not bad" -- and was somewhat surprised.

See, I used to use "not bad" as my standard reply on the "how's it going/how're you doing" type of question. And then one day I thought, "gee, is 'not bad' the highest you aspire to? Simply adequate?" And since "not bad" seemed to have been summing up my life for long than I cared to think about, a few months ago I got myself in the habit of replying "good" no matter how the day had been going.

The weird thing is, "good" started to be how I felt.

Some of it's pretty simple. By responding "good" I would start to think about the good stuff that had happened recently -- I got enough frequent flier miles for the ticket for my April trip, and figured out the code problem that'd been annoying me for a while. The weather is nifty-cool right now, and I absolutely love October. It goes on and on. So now replying "not bad" is kind of startling to me. Intriguing.

Dinner, incidentally was lovely. We tried a new restaurant that had nice food. (Though we will probably eat there only rarely, it being kind of pricey and not a lot of food for the buck.) Afterward we had a nice time walking and chatting about politics and current affairs. Someone on the walk back we managed the physically impossible. We crossed a very busy, four lane road not only without a light, but without noticing. It wasn't until five blocks later that we even realized we'd done this. There was no overpass. There was no underpass. I remain baffled. Perhaps we discovered a strange ability to teleport without realizing it. (And while cool, that would be a bummer, since it'd be nice to be able to do it again, only more intentionally.)

(For those familiar with the area, we managed somehow to get from one side of Middlefield to the other on Channing.)

For reasons unknown to me, I've felt the urge to watch sentai recently. Not even sentai series I know are good, like Abaranger. Nope, I'm chewing my way through Boukenger and Go-onger and actually enjoying them both. (Though I will say that Boukenger is better than Go-onger in my opinion.)

I'm sort of wondering when this will wear off and I'll come to my senses again. Since I generally don't like sentai stuff that much. I'm also waiting until the sentai series I watched the first time I went to Japan appears in the Boukenger end of episode retorspective. All I remember was they had gymnastics equipment.

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