Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Darn, Not Salt Hiney

According to his post today, Igarashi's from Karuizawa. Darn, and I was so rooting for Salt Hiney(*).

Research Girl is pleased, since it's been bothering her for some time now that Igarashi's bios all just said he was from Nagano Prefecture. It being a big prefecture, that didn't particularly narrow it down. Research Girl is also somewhat pleased that it happens to be somewhere she's heard of (and, *gasp*, been to) and is thus spared the bother of having to look up where the heck said hicksville is. For the Initial D fans (wow, blast from the past), Karuizawa's the town Mako and Sayuki are from. It's located at the top of Usui Pass. For the Samurai Troopers fans (wow, even more blast from the past), Nasuti has a summer home there and that's where the beginning of one of the OVAs takes place. (I believe. Something takes place there I know.)

* "Salt Hiney" is what a friend of mine and I call the city of Shiojiri or 塩尻, a charming (yet really thoroughly boring) city in central Nagano Prefecture. It has the distinction of being mostly flat, and so removes one of the two main things to do in Nagano. (And I'm not saying what the other one is.) We ended up having to transfer through Salt Hiney more times than I care to remember on the trip when we were out in Nagano, since it's a major transfer hub for the region. (Read: slightly bigger than a wide spot.) Upon arriving there the first time my friend and I looked at the name and scratched our head. My friend (being much better with the vernacular slang than I am) said "Is that... 'salt hiney'?" Which, well, it is. I'm sure there's a story behind how it got such a name, but I really have no idea what the story is. And "Salt Hiney" is probably a lot nicer than "Salt Buttocks", a mental image that I could have happily gone all night without having. And it now being time for bed I get to take that charming mental image to sleep with me.

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