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One day I will have enough time and energy at the end of the day to actually make useful posts. (And even remember what the heck I thought I needed to make a post for, earlier in the day when I had energy but was not near a computer.) Today is not that day. Tonight I accept a long weekend of friends, food, wedding, cats, and driving as a reason for being tired. (The rest of the time leaves me half wondering if I should see a doctor to make sure nothing's wrong, or if really I should just chalk it up to more exercise than has been my usual wont and the chronic less sleep than should be my norm. Somehow I have a feeling it's probably more the latter than anything.)

I has glow in the dark bubble bath. And I has a spare picked up for wrendj. 'Cause glow in the dark bubble bath is cool.

And the real purpose of this post: Mebius fans who've added to this journal after I first announced it may be interested to know that I have a ficblog, hikarinokuni, and that I've *gasp* posted the first part of a fic to it.

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