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That's going to take another couple of watchings to fully parse. There were some fascinating implications here and there. And several highly squee-able moments.

Actually, I think I got most of what I was after out of the first one and a couple of previews for the second one, so this did less for me than the first. Not to say there wasn't squee-age. Just... more action, less world building, I guess. I've got a lot of action for the series already, so I value the world building more. The glimpse into How It Is After. Actually resolving the plot? Eh, that's good too.


On Kanata's angsting at the beginning:

Kanata: *angst, wank*

Me: Yeah, that's gonna get old in about three seconds.

Kanata: *wank*

Me: ... two... one...

Mirai: Oh, he's fine.

Me: Dang. Right on time. Nice!

Oh my word, Ryuu flying through the air was the most dorktastic thing I've seen from the series to date and yes, I'm including the butt-wiggling giant totem pole monster that keeps saying "ja-jan!" and the giant evil god statue with its friend the demonic fish episode that has its own special rung on the cheese ladder and even the incredibly stupid mid-air circus episode (that line being the only thing that I liked about that episode.)

I'm intrigued/amused that only Ryuu's omamori's beaten up, while everyone else's is all nice and new-looking.

Continuity people? Did you have to use my suspension of disbelief as your whipping boy? Ryuu had the Gun Winger and he crashed it in the first episode. How could the rest of the Crew fly the Gun Phoenix in without it? And while we're at it, why was it flying again in this episode? Crashed in the last episode, much? Yall are usually better than that.

On a completely silly note (how else, considering?), if one is going to launch one's self through the air at the giant evil suit of armor, why would one not want to be wearing a helmet? Unless it got left in Hammer Space with Ultraman King? *imagines Ultraman King trying it on*

On Kanata... He didn't croak, so we'll see. Ryuu's last line to him's the only time he refers to Haruzaki as "Kanata". I'm assuming that's meant to parse as the word not as a name. Is it foreshadow-y? Is it just a dorky line from a kids show? Hard to say, though I remain cautiously optimistic. But seriously, Tsuburaya. If you don't do something more with him I'm going to have to be retroactively miffed. There was vastly too much time spent character developing him to just be a throw-away one-shot tie in to a novel that I can't even freaking read. (Though don't believe for an instant that I'm not going to try, oh no. It's not just for the name that I'm pondering the merits of staying at Hotel Kinki the next time I'm in Japan, not with it being located in walking distance from Osaka's used book district. (Well, that and it's got reasonable prices, is located next to a convenient major train station and will let me out of the hotel when I wake up at 4 AM thanks to jet lag. But all those practical considerations aside -- I want my novelization, dammit!))

On Ryuu's line at the end about "we joined together like we did before so I'm good" I was all, eh, dork, whatev--




*snork* Uh, yeah. Had to pause and rewind on that one. It took a while for the brain to regain some semblance of original continuity-ness.

The rest of the Crew needed to be there more. They were delightful window dressing -- but I felt that even Tori-pi upstaged them in the useful screen time category.

Need to watch a few more times. More coherent, in-depth thoughts will be forthcoming.

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