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17 August 2008 @ 09:34 am
Loli Ultra Sisters  
Fan art: Loli Decisive Battle! 8 Ultra Sisters!

Disclaimer: I so did not draw this. It's from this person's blog, but the associated entry doesn't say anything about it. (It's all talking about the upcoming movie, pretty much exactly the same stuff we've heard already.)
Hoshikage: otphoshikage on August 17th, 2008 08:19 pm (UTC)
Trying to click on the direct link got me to a "forbidden," but I scrolled through the blog itself and was mightily amused. I think I like Zoffy-tan and Mebi-tan the best. :)
Cirdan: M-78 cloudscirdan_havens on August 18th, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
Cute. :) (Saw it through the snap preview. *shakes head* Nothing is private online, I tell ya.) Hm, others are tempting, but in birth order in my family, I would be Ultraman Jack. No Hikari. I don't often get taken over by evil armors. You going to take Mebius or Ultraman? Though I think you might be Zoffy in terms of Ultras but he's not an Ultrabro in the upcoming movie.

And Sakomizu suits you. You know more than you tell us but don't get around to posting. *blink blink* I don't know all my kaiju, but I guess I'm most like Teppei, kind of dorky and lagging behind in running exercises. Not cool enough to be Marina or George. Not sweet and innocent enough to be Mirai. Not rough or assertive enough to be Ryuu (though I can curse like a pirate sometimes since I have a bro). Not dippy or cutsey enough to be Konomi. Oh! Maybe I can be Misaki? Although I don't feel competent and poised enough to be her. Aya? EEEEEEWWW! Asami? I did like her a lot better after seeing that she didn't blot out Misaki but was just extra pretty in Pride of Girls. Her dancing though... No Serizawa. I'm not dead or semi-possessed.

Btw, there's some Dyna on Veoh now. Also realized I only had Mebius in 3 parters from youtube so downloaded some on Veoh in case I never get to see the last stuff.

Btw, unrelatedly, do you think you'd be able to babysit 2 Ultra plushies? I can't bring them home without having mom make a fuss. Someday when I get my own place... *rolls eyes* Old and still dealing with the "I'm going to get in trouble if ___."