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*stares at icon* Y'know, that's not as clear as it could be, given that it's in Japanese. Meh. Most people will figure it out.

So, there are Mebius novels out there. As far as I know they've only appeared as magazine serializations. Most of them appear to be of minimal interest, since they're novelizations of episodes. (Specifically, one volume for ep. 32 "The Monster Master's Legacy", two volumes for "Invincible Mama" *shudder*, and one volume for "Solitary Paradise".) They're written by one of the screenplay writers for the series, and I'll leave it as an exercise for the alert reader to figure out which episodes he wrote. (I'll give you a hint: there were only three.) The novel series overall appears to be titled アンデレス ホリゾント, which I'm not entirely sure how to render into English. I believe it's "Andres Horizont". (Though I keep trying to read the first word as "undress" -- which is a legitimate reading -- and that leads to trying to read the second one as "horizontal". Which, mercifully, is clearly wrong.)

One, however, is original, and is entitled 魔杖の警告 (Majou no Keikoku) or ... Well, actually I'm thinking either there's a spelling weirdness in there, or it will make sense once one reads it, since I'm getting "The Evil Walking Stick's Warning". (Possible "The Evil Cane's Advice". Not that that's an improvement.) Since the kanji are read "majou" which, with a different second kanji, would mean "witch", I'm going to assume there may be some play on words going on. Though this being a series that features a butt-wiggling giant totem pole monster, maybe there really is an evil walking stick wandering around giving out dire pronouncements.

It seems this story's told from Kanata's viewpoint. It takes place while Mirai's still on Earth. Kanata's a trainee looking to join GUYS, and... well, synopsis probably should wait until it's not past my bedtime. (I'd like to do a little more digging to see if I can get a more detailed synopsis, though one can be found here.) Suffice it to say that I now know exactly why Kanata recognizes Mirai -- and it has nothing to do with Ryuu-tachi telling him stories of the Good Old Days. It also mentions Kanata's dream, though I suspect by the end of the novel (which I don't have a synopsis for) it changes somewhat.

I've heard rumors that Kanata also shows up in the Playmovie games. I need to dig further on that comment to confirm. I believe there was a new crew member in that, though I don't entirely remember. (Curse you, incredibly difficult to get ahold of games that only play on a funky piece of hardware that can only be obtained in Japan. Curse you.)

This information leaves me kind of torn on how much to read into Kanata's presence. He ended up with too much screen time in AD to completely write him off. OTOH, I'm not sure how much to read into that, since he's actually already got back story and is part of the universe. I'd say it's meant to pimp the novel -- except it only exists in serializations currently, and that volume's pretty darn sold out. I think I'm going to continue my hope that they're testing the waters to see if he'd be accepted as the new main character on a series, though I'm starting to fuss that maybe I'm reading too much into his presence.

(You know the real pisser about the Evil Walking Stick? It came out while I was in Japan. If I'd known about it, I would totally have dropped everything and hunted it down and it would be MINE. The interesting thing is that it published before the TV series ended. Again, not sure how much to read into that.)

Huh. I hadn't realized that Hirata Misato is from Gunma. Not just from Gunma, but from a city that I can't, off the top of my head, tell you not only where it's located, but what the public transit routes to get to it are, nor the local road system. Fascinating.

Huh, also fascinating. Wiki credits her with a stage performance from her that is, I believe, after the date that she said she was "taking an extended vacation". Perhaps my hopes of a GW stage show next year are not in vain. (Actually, I still hold out hope that Nishina-san might be free then. Aihara-taichou can carry on the show himself, no problem.)

Huh. And I hadn't realized before that Nishina-san was in the Cosmos vs. Justice movie. Must remember that when I get around to seeing it.

Description of Premium Stage 1. For later reading.

Oh, shoot. I forgot. Kurobe Susumu's been doing the Premium Stages. That "I don't think I'll have an opportunity..." comment seems even more ominous now that I remember that.

And now I post this so I can get some sleep already.
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