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Random observation for the morning: blueberry cream cheese is slightly weird on a cheese bagel.

Seraphim has a fascinating rant up on MegaTokyo about the fashion industry and ideals of beauty. If you haven't read it yet, go check it out.

User Friendly recently has been doing a run on coding specifications that has been near and dear to my heart. (Especially considering that the types of specs they are describing in the strip are pretty darn similar to the type of specs I usually get handed. I still remember with much bitterness the day I got handed a box as a spec. That was it, just a box. No other information. People were surprised when I didn't code in all the weird UI details they were imagining. I can't imagine how I missed it, since that darn box so clearly indicated everything that needed to be done for that change. Just the box, ma'am. Just the box.)

Amazon JP is launching a site in English. This could be interesting, though fiscally damaging. Click here for an article on it.
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