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Random Taunts, Random Observations

(The icon should really be a clue... If you don't think it's sparkly too, you might as well stop reading here.)

I have a mission for tomorrow: Clear enough hard drive space to be able to rip one of the A.D. previews so I can screencap one shot. Just to taunt everyone. Because I'm that kind of evil, mean fangirl. (I am, unfortunately, also a fangirl with a headache, who should probably refrain from excessive fangirl squealing. Not that that stopped me. Good thing the windows were closed. And didn't shatter from the squeals.)

Taunting aside (or continued, depending on one's perspective), that one preview had two things that I felt were sadly lacking in the episode itself. I am a very happy (albeit headachy) fangirl.

Update for folks expecting DVDs from me: The DVDs came in two shipments, one of which I have (in case all the senseless gibbering didn't tip you off) and one of which I have to go pick up at the Post Awful tomorrow. Which means the earliest I could get them sent back out is Thursday morning.

Toripi ended up unexpectedly cool in this.

George manages to wear something that doesn't look horrible on him. (Commentary on his being the only ass that looks nice in those horrible pleather uniforms aside.)

Sakocchi's hair looks weird to me. In fact, they did something that makes me think he looks older now. In a way it's kind of a nice touch. It gives a feeling of time passing.

Wada Sanshirou (who is the primary suit actor for Mebius) is the voice for one of the characters. I'm betting it's the random male GUYS crewmember.

Just about every freaking director from the show had a hand in this episode. What did they do, shoot nine scenes at once? I know the studio was closing down, but isn't that a bit much?

There is one random line that does, technically, invalidate the fic I really should finish up one day soon. I missed it the first time because I was, er, giving vocal commentary about some of the decorative barrels hanging out in the Phoenix Nest.

I like that they give a good reason for George being in Japan at the time. (He happens to be there for an exhibition -- gee, isn't that lucky? (So said he.))

"Give up? I really suck at that." *snork* ("Now get off my lawn, you giant rust bucket!" -- okay, not so much with this line, but it amuses me. The first was from the episode, though.)

Huh. There is something inside Ryuu's omamori. You can see something slide back in when Kanata picks it up. I wonder what it could be...?

Mirai's look at the end I totally adore. I'm tempted to screencap it and make it into an icon.

And now for some whacked out cracktastic theories:

- I wonder if, when Hikari stopped the giant grouchy armor the first time, Ryuu picked up that he was there? It wouldn't entirely surprise me... they've been through a lot together. And he flips off the "GUYS o tanonda zo" line *after* Hikari makes his presence... known? ("known" is a strong word to use here.) Eh, it's an entertaining theory to toss around, but Ryuu's reactions at the time make me think it unlikely. Ah well.

- We don't see anything of the rest of the new team because they're going to do a spin-off series with Kanata hosting the new Ultraman and they haven't cast the rest of the crew yet. Yes, it's likely that I'm on drugs for this. But in the immortal words of Marcus, "I always say if you're going to have delusions of grandeur you might as well go for the really satisfying ones." And that's a pretty darn satisfying one in my mind.

Tags: armored darkeness, ultaman mebius
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