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This, That, The Other Thing

Before I big, the big, important news: PLUMS! I have plums! Does anyone local want some? Oh please, oh please won't someone take them and save me from this torrent of plums???

*ahem* We will now return you to your regularly scheduled post, already in progress.

Perception is a strange, strange thing. And it just boggles my mind to realize that, yes, I can tell that two titles out of six leave the screen .03 before the rest. That's three-hundredths of a second earlier. I live in a world where three hundredths of a second matter, and a whole second is an eternity. What a world.

I finally finished watching Shigeshoushi. Wow, that was a bit of a slog to finish. The subject matter didn't grab me, the characters didn't grab me, and too much of it was formulaic in a bad way. But I finished it! *all shiny and proud of the accomplishment* I'll probably keep a copy of it just for archival purposes (<-- is quite the packrat) but am otherwise looking forward to freeing the space that it's taking up on my various hard drives.

Found a local quarry, which means I've found some lovely, lovely rocks. One of which I need to figure out how to get home. I'm thinking of renting an SUV for a day and using it to haul junk. The rock itself is just a bit heavy for me to lift by myself, but not so huge that it can't be chucked into the back of a passenger vehicle and transported. I've already got two of its little friends at home, and they are just waiting for a little landscaping to become a perfect Japanese garden rock triad.

Possibly the scariest part of the quarry discovery was that nice rocks, while expensive and all, are not completely outrageously priced. My daydreams of having some nice feature rocks in my garden may not be so outrageous after all.

After examining some drapes, it looks like making my own custom ones with fabric of my own choosing may not be that difficult after all. If I line the print fabric with a nice, dark, heavy backing I should be able to take care of the "my bedroom faces east" problem as well as adding a nice touch to the room. I feel inspired to jump up and go fabric shopping! (And unearth the table, since I can't currently set up a sewing machine there. :P)

All this renewed interest on the gardening and sewing fronts have gotten me thinking... When am I going to do anything with all this enthusiasm? I don't have free time any more. Once upon a time I would come home from work and play video games or read or... I don't know, video edit. Translate. Randomly surf the web researching things I enjoy. I don't seem to be able to find that time any more. I've ponder why this is, and have come up with a variety of things that crowd in and somehow take up the time. But the one that seems to hit the hardest is going out with friends. I didn't think I'd upped that so much when I moved down here. But when I think about it, I have. When I was living in SF, outside of a few times when I would have one weekly standing social engagement, it would be a rare thing for me to go out with friends on a weekday night. These days I have one weekly standing engagement, two every other week ones, the bi-weekly subtitling release, the monthly family get together (increased now thanks to my aunt's impending wedding)... It just goes on and on. No wonder I feel exhausted all the time.

So my current solution to the time crunch: Go out less. And it's little rider: don't feel guilty about saying no to social opportunities. If it's not something I look forward to, don't do it. If I feel tired and like I want to sit at home, skip the socializing and go home. I hung out for too long with people who told me that there was something "wrong" with me if I didn't want to be out socializing all the time and it got stuck in my brain that I had to go out, even at times when I really didn't want to. How many people reading this see the trap in that? Yeah... So if I want to spend time gardening, I'll spend time gardening. If I want to read a book, I'll read a book. And if I want to go hang with friends, I'll go hang with friends. This doesn't mean I'm going to stop socializing and become a hermit. It just means I'm choosing my socializing with much more care, and really concentrating on my priorities before I fill up my life with so many small things that I don't have time for the big ones.

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