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Tiga Redux

Finished Tiga. Pleased to say all those years ago when hoshikage and I were right way back when we were watching the horrible US dub and saying that it looked like there was a good story in there somewhere behind all the awful kiddified dialog.

It starts slow, but picks up by the end. I'm thinking of going back through it and writing up a highlights episode guide -- so I know which are the uber-good episodes, and, well, as an excuse to go back through it again. Since I know some episodes I didn't appreciate as much as I could have. And there are ones that are awesome that I can't remember where in the series they happened, or what the title is. >.>

Iruma is awesome. I bet she's Sakomizu's little sister. In an alternate universe.

Overall they did a really nice job of building a team with likable characters. Rena was somewhat annoying at first, but she mellowed out by the end. She really needs to meet Konomi sometime, and they can talk cute monsters.

The Ultraman episode (original, that is) was a thing of awesomeness. Just... charming and enchanting and cool and filled with more in-jokes than something that has lots and lots of in-jokes and... After watching that, I have a bit more faith in Tsuburaya regarding the new movie. They do seem to have a talent for crossing universes and making it seem natural.

Last three, actually. Since they all go together, really. It felt to me like the last three Mebi episodes were the Tiga ending, take two. With a lot of the cheesiness from the first draft smoothed out. Though I suppose Ultraman vs. Uber Darkness is sort of to be expected. And it's not Tiga's fault that it doesn't have the whole Showa universe to pull on. I can see what they were trying to do, but it really didn't work for me. It made a lot more sense to me for his friends to join forces with Mirai (particularly since that's a major theme of the whole series) than it did to just have a bunch of random kids join the party.

Though that said, I did like all the various characters from earlier coming back in. And for some weird reason, Hayate reminds me of Isana, only with sideburns. (Kind of small ones, admitted.)

Y'know, it makes some sense for Ultraman (any one, really) to be turned into a statue in a Tiga-centered film.

Next up: Either finish Ultra Galaxy (most likely) or Gaia. But first I have to finish up some subbing stuffs that I'm behind on. >.>
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