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We have an official date: September 13. Advanced tickets go on sale... Uh, now, actually, thanks to the wonders of time zones.

Pictures from a big shin-dig they did a couple of days ago can be found here. All 8 Ultramen, plus their human forms.

Randomly, the quote from the article linked above from Kurobe Susumu regarding retiring don't sound as definite to me as the other ones I'd read. Specifically, he said "この先、(ハヤタとして)出るチャンスはないと思っている。ウルトラマンとしてはこの作品で終わりかなという気持ち" or "I'm thinking there won't be chances for me me to appear as Hayata in the future. This production feels like maybe it's the end for me as Ultraman."

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