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Jaded Researcher's Ramblings

I am getting so jaded when looking at IniD-related picture sites. Someone posted a link to the YaoiD ML. Upon looking at it, I thought "Oh, yes. That one. It has a few interesting shots that I can't find elsewhere. Found it a couple of weeks ago, oh well."

It's gotten to the point where I can glance at a page of links on Google and tell if I've looked at it or not. Yes, I'm to the point of recognizing the URLs of these sites. Kind of scary.

Meanwhile, I'll probably have more links today, since it looks like not a lot of work is going to get done. One of my coworker's wives passed away last night, and the half the company suddenly seems unable to work. I think I've gotten a little overloaded on people dying as well.

This song is very confusing. It is an Initial D song, I know this. But I can't find it on any of the CDs. And it's in Japanese, which the IniD version is not. It's sung by Amuro Namie, but the IniD version I know is sung by a guy. Very weird.

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