Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

More News... Later

Uh... Too tired to parse, much less translate, but... more info on Armored Darkness + other stuffs. If we get back early enough tomorrow I'll take a stab at translating. Otherwise, it waits until I get home, since we leave the internet the day after tomorrow. Just as a preview, Crew GUYS now. Looks like Saikawa-san cut her hair.

Looks like a ton of magazines are running stuff on Armored Darkness and the new movie. Will probably try and pick some of them up whilst in Shinjuku, since, well, I'll be there, and they'll be there. Piccies and info = good, yeah? Particularly with a long plane flight coming up.

Premier Stage 1 looks set to air on either 4/3 or 4/6. Something's going to have an interview with Nishina Masaki. Uh... This will make no sense since it appears to be from the yet-to-air interview, but he says that he won't be in this year's Nagoya show since he's busy with other projects but really wanted to be able to show up.

Going beddy-bye now. Might get up early to poke at translations, since we don't have to be out until ~7 AM, and I haven't bothered adjusting on the time zones so I'm still waking up at 5:30-ish.
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