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Translation Of Movie News

As a young man Daigo looked up to Ultraman on the TV, and dreamed of being a spaceship captain. Now he's grown up to be a perfectly average man who is an ordinary government worker working in a tourist bureau in Yokohama.

He's surrounded by his childhood friends, Asuka and Gamu, who he'd talk together with about their dreams; his girlfriend Rena; and Hayata, Dan, Goh and Hokuto. They're all normal people living happily with their families.

In this world Ultraman and monsters don't really exist.

But all of a sudden King Gesra appears in Yokohama Bay.
Following after him, Ultraman Moebius appears!

Ultramen shouldn't exist, so why?

Daigo's in a panic as before long monsters, crossing over space and time, appear one after another and overrun Yokohama. Moebius ends up in hot water.

What's going to happen to this world?
And who are these "7 heroes" Moebius says will save everyone from this unprecidented danger?

Then Daigo realizes the great purpose that's been imposed on him...

Well... Honestly, after reading this I've lost most of my enthusiasm for the movie. The screenplay writer is Hasegawa Keiichi, who wrote many of the episodes of Mebius I most enjoy (ditto on Tiga), so I'm trying to reserve judgment. At the same time... the alt-verse-ness makes me less enthused.

It took me a while to figure out what about that makes me not so excited. In general I don't care much for alt-verses (for all that I write in one). On this one I think what's bugging me is, fundamentally, these aren't the characters I fell in love with. Yeah, the actors are the same, and the folks in the alternate universe may be similar, but... I dunno. They aren't the same. Part of the experiences that make the characters who they are is missing. And while I'm sure these clones are perfectly nice, they're still just not the originals. But I'll miss wise old Hayata from the movie, talking about how Ultramen aren't gods, or Jack calling Moebius "rookie".

That said, there are some things I find intriguing. Mirai (assuming he gets to remain the same) gets to be the knowledgeable one this time, a concept that fascinates me. (And was, in fact, where Of Kids and Kittens originated out of.) Does he still get to be the wide-eyed kid? How will his personality have to torque to accommodate this new role?

The world described sounds like our own. This seems to me to be a story of what would happen if one day we woke up and suddenly the weather forecast called for monster showers, with occasional Ultramen. That could be a lot of fun to poke at

I like the way Ultraman shows up following after the first monster this world has seen. It sounds very reminiscent of where original Ultraman started, and seems a nice touch to me.

I'm sure I have more thoughts on this, but it's late and I need to get some sleep. So I will end here for now.

Randomly, this link has a bunch more information, along with more pictures. I'll finish reading it/translate pertinent parts tomorrow night.
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