Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Random Encounters

So I was driving home last night... Just after I got on the freeway I noticed the car in front of me had his hazard lights on. I had long enough to think "gee, why's that guy got his hazards on for?" before they switched off. I was glad to see the car wasn't about to explode into a pile of messy car parts in front of me but, why...? Oh! I know that car! It's my former roommate rhylar!

I forgot the "correct" response (from the days when we would sometimes randomly end up following each other) was for me to flash my headlights. I went with grinning and waving instead. It was a lovely random encounter that left me with a feeling of "life is good".

Yesterday was a day of friends. Lunch with cirdan_havens, randomly encountering rhylar, then my friend Bruce dropped by with his latest kid to check out some work they're going to do for me. And then a phone call from Jan to hammer out more plans for Japan. (No hotel for the missing days yet, bother. We're going to stick our nose in at one of the places we're thinking of staying at when we walk past it on the first day, and otherwise will figure out ways to Cope. And it turns out that we don't have to go out to Nagano, so we've got some free time on our hands. Whee!)

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