Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

There Are Days I Hate Japan

Okay, so this is probably pretty darn ethnocentric of me, but... I really wish Japan would wake up and smell the rest of the world already. Seriously, guys. It's been one hundred and fifty-four years. It's about time to figure out the rest of the world's out there and quit being so damned insular.

This rant brought to you by a fecking online ticket sales site that does their credit card confirmations in such a way that foreign credit cards can't work. (Yay, doing confirmation off of date of birth and not giving a separate shipping and CC confirmation address.) And all other payment options require being in Japan. Thanks, guys. I hope that stick you've got shoved up there chafes. And gives you splinters. Ones that rot and become infected.

Plan B is currently to see if I can't figure out their little deal with 7-11 and order tickets while I'm in Chichibu. (Providing 1. I can get internet access (doubtful) and 2. I can find a 7-11 there -- which so far isn't looking good, since I've found a Sunkus and that's been it for konbini. Please tell me Chichibu isn't a Place Of No Food like Kotohira was. I can live without eating for two days. Eleven is asking a bit much.)

Plan C is to show up where the performance is at on the day of and see if I can't just buy tickets at the door. I was wanting to get out there anyway, since a bunch of stuff from ep. 45 was filmed there. And if it turns out that I can't get tickets, well, I suppose I could always grab a sandwich and a bottle of water and go to Tama Center, since it turns out the monorail in the picture happens to have one of its terminuses at Tama Center.

Edit: 7-11s in Chichibu located. We'll pass right by at least two of them.

(Randomly, I'm going to have to watch WataKyou again. I'm really disturbed at the number of times I click a place link for something that shows up in Mebius and the place also references something from WataKyou happening there as well. I never noticed any of 'em. :P)

*sigh* Oh, Japan. How you taunt me.

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