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Non Standard Post Topic Meme Thingie Answers

Since cirdan_havensasked so many questions on my previous post that they won't fit in a comment response, I'm putting them in a separate post.

Do you think I'm annoying? Especially when rambly?

I think you have some habits that I find annoying, yeah. Who doesn't? But really, does it matter? If I have a problem with you, I'll tell you. If I don't say anything, then assume that there's nothing to talk about. That's my philosophy. Spending time worrying about what someone else thinks of you is really only going to lead to making yourself miserable -- and is generally a better guide to what you think of yourself than having any relationship to what the other person thinks of you.

I don't understand you half the time when you're rambly. You change subjects really fast and I don't always manage to keep up on the transitions. Which is why you get a whole lot of me going "I really have no clue what you're talking about." That's just me saying I got lost when you made that right turn at Alburqueque.

Does your car still want an A or is she so used to being without that she really considers it part of who she is?

I think she's kind of resigned at this point. Jewlery would be nice, but I think we've both agreed to do it the right way, and that's going to have to wait until finances are a bit more stable.

Do you think that Rhode Island should be utterly destroyed or do you think that surely it's not that bad?

Never been to Rhode Island, so I can't really say. So far I think it Mostly Harmless.

Does the post mean we can't ask Ultraman questions?

Well, the meme does say tell me something I don't blog about. And since I prefaced it with saying that I feel like all I blog about these days is Ultraman stuff, uh, yeah. No Ultraman questions.

You sure?

Yup. If I think there's a need I'll post a "ask me any question about Ultraman" meme. Though, really, I have no idea what I'd have to say on that.

Because I wanted to ask... Just who is the guy who steals the Armor of Darkness?

My word, you just don't give up, do you? I shall tell you this: I've already posted the answer in a semi-obvious forum. Chasing off finding that should (hopefully?) keep you busy for a while.

(Besides, after all this build-up, the answer is really only going to be a let down. So I feel like I can't just say it now.)

Any coworker catch your eye that you'd want to go out with but really haven't bothered asking for whatever reason? I know it's such a juvenile question. :p

These things happen.

Just how did you go from a drama degree to a techie?

Well, I opted out of drama as a career when I figured out that 1) if I pursued it then I would have no life outside of the theater, and 2) my professor nearly died of a heart attack and was told to either quit doing lighting, quit teaching or quit living: pick one. He was in his mid forties at the time. I figured I didn't want to end up being him in twenty or so years, so I changed careers.

How I got there... I was fortunate enough to meet up with obsessivewoman at a time when her company (LucasArts) was hiring technical support folks. Turns out I could fake it on the technical and troubleshooting skills pretty well. Dealing with the people, though... not my forte, let's just say that. So I went looking for another job right at the start of the dot-com boom and lucked into a coding position under the man who to this day I refer to as my mentor, since I learned an awful lot about the write way to do things. (Not just writing programs, but the right way for a technical professional to support the company.) It just kinda kept going from there.

Honestly, I'm a lot better a technie than I am a lighting designer. So I think it all for the best.

Is there anything that you've kind of wanted but not gotten? What is it? Besides a Garmen GPS? Do you want someone to get it for you?

Uh, lots of things. Though nothing's coming to mind at the moment.

I have a Thing about people giving me things, since gifts in my family tend to come with strings attached. It's part of why I'm such a do it yourselfer.

Any weird, unexpected question you thought of when posting this? What? And the answer to that question is...?

Maybe... "good grief, is cirdan_haven completely insane, asking so many questions???" The answer is... probably something you have to decide for yourself. It's really not the sort of thing you should let other people decide for you.

Oh, the other question I had was "how the heck did she come up with all these???" Also not a question I can answer myself. (Well, I suppose I could try to make something up...)

Do you think there are aliens or only in TV shows? And if you do believe in them, do you think they're walking among us and pretending to be human or do you think they'd rather do their own thing and use some other technique from being noticed by humans?

If you mean do I think there's life on other worlds, yeah. It's just too big a universe. (And getting bigger all the time!) If you mean do I think there are aliens wandering around here, probably not. I suspect strongly that there's a lot of alien life that we're just not going to recognize as such because it's just too far outside our experience.

What kind of tires do you think are good? Or rather, any particular you'd recommend for a Civic?

Uh, depends on a bunch of stuff, starting with what's important to you that the tires do, and going on to what size are the tires, since that determines what the options are.

In general, I avoid Michelin tires since the ones I got on my car when I bought her had terrible rain grip and had odd noise problems -- and I've heard the same experience from other people as well. OTOH, I currently have BF Goodrich tires on my car and I think they're just fine -- for all that BF Goodrich is a Michelin brand.

Are you really going to install a Japanese bath in your backyard? And do you need city permission for something like that?

Maybe. I need to figure out likely costs and level of effort, then check into the local code ordinances.

Does your place have any weird housing association fee or is that just for townhouses in particular?

Uh, my neighborhood doesn't have anything like that. Some neighborhood that have single family dwellings do, so it's not just a townhouse/condo thing. I guess this is just a "your milage will vary" thing.

Do you think I'm asking too many questions?

Uh... Ya think? This was... a somewhat unexpected number of questions.

Do you want to try that SJ crepe place? With me? Sometime before your Japan trip or after would be better?

Sure, I'll do the SJ crepe place. Though not this week, I think. After would be better.

Did cilantro sneak into your food today?

Nope, I've had a happily cilantro-free diet this week.

Do you actually find these Japanese eye-candy sweet? Are they sexy even though they're so young?

By "sweet" do you mean looks or personality? I think most of them have very sweet on-camera personalities. Can't say much about them when no one's looking. They're actors, after all, so who can say?

Looks-wise... well, yes. Otherwise I wouldn't call them eye-candy. Yeah, they're half my age. But it's not like I'm going to meet any of these people, much less sleep with them. So what does it matter? It's kind of like admiring ink on paper. I appreciate that they're attractive people who have good looks. Which makes it logically obvious to me to look at them and go "Mmm, yes. They look good." It's more like appreciating art, or a pretty flower than anything else.

Are they sexy... Seriously, if one's not sexy when one's just graduated from jail-bait status, when are they going to be? Really, it's the best time for it. Not everyone's Sean Connery, after all.

Do you ever want to have a kid assuming that yours would be raised right and not scream and yell and run around wildly in public places or do you think they're whiny disgusting little things that are best left to others?

Of course if I was raising children I'd raise them right! Doesn't every parent think that?

Are you glad you have your house or sometimes think, hm, living in a condo would've been easier?

Ugh, no, I really wouldn't like a condo. It's like owning an apartment, and I'm glad to be done with apartment living. I really don't think I could go back to living with so many people that close to me.

Do you have any specific career goal in mind? At your company in particular?

Uh, very hard question to answer. I did a bit of a career change to come to my current company. Depending on how things sort out, it sounds like I might be getting shifted into another area that has a different career path. So right now, I really don't know. Ask me sometime after I have a clue.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Or do you not eat them?

Uh, don't take this wrong, but I suck on them. No licking or biting involved.

Do you think that they should start importing melon sodas or do you think they're best left in Japan so you can just visit and get them occasionally?

Mitsuwa does import them, and I like it. There are some days that really just call out for a melon soda.

Are you up to answering an Ultra question now? Just what does Tiga stand for or come from?

Hey, didn't we already go over that? This is supposed to be about stuff I don't normally post on.

I have no idea what Tiga stands for -- I think it's just a name, isn't it? I dunno, I think I need to re-watch the first episode.

Would you ever consider eye laser surgery?

Ick, no. The thought of someone pointing a laser at my eye just totally wigs me out. Besides, I don't think that corrects astigmytisms, and that's my biggest visual problem. The nearsight/farsight isn't as detrimental.

Have any of the doctors ever been able to figure out what's up with those weird optical migraines?

Nah, it's just an optical migraine. It's inconvenient, but not a big deal. No one's going to bother doing any tests or anything to figure it out.

Do you ever regret having too many toys in the house and think you shouldn't have gotten this or that?

Uh... Hard to say. I don't think I have that many toys. (Unless the electronics count, in which case I'd have to say that I like having those.) I'm sure there's stuff that I regret not getting, but nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Do you eat cereal? If so, what's your favorite(s)?

Nope, not really. Or, rather, on very, very rare occasion, so I don't really have a favorite.

Is there anyone besides a coworker who you rather dislike but hang out with anyway? Did you think I was going to ask who?

I did for a while, but not so much at the moment. I've been doing a lot of serious thinking about why waste time hanging around people you don't like? Life's too short, and if I'm spending time with someone I don't like that means I'm not spending time with people I do like or doing something that I want. So it's just a waste of time.

Uh, I really didn't think about if you were going to ask who. I suppose if I said "yes, I do" that you might ask, yeah.

Have you switched from Botan rice to Hikari rice? Is it Botan rice or is Botan just that Botan candy?

Nope. I like jasmine rice, so neither Botan nor Hikari is going to get me that.

Botan's a rice company's brand name. I don't think they do the Botan rice candy, but I've never checked.

And in our lifetime, do you think we'll see the US split into 3 different countries?

Uh, no. Why would it?

Oh, and would you take up a job opportunity that required you to stay in Japan for an extended amount of time?

Depends on how things would work out, but sure, that's entirely possible.

Oh, also, do you think an animal besides a bunny could work in the same style as the bunny suicides? And if so, what animal?

Yes, but it would have to be something cute and kind of off-beat. Like, I dunno... Turtles?

Ok, ok. I'm done asking questions. Are you glad I am?

Yeah, kinda. I mean, it's been interesting answering a spate of highly random questions. But it's getting late and I probably should be asleep. So I think here's a good place to end.


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