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Return of the Data Blackout

GMT+2 means that the first stage of the Rally Turkey has run already. No more news for me for a week. No more lovely data. No numbers to mull over, no statistics to chew on. Bios and tech stats and histories all inaccessible, unwilling as I am to pass within sight of the spoilers that are coming to roost at the gateway to all their pages.

But the TiVo is all set, and space is all cleared. In one week and four hours dread of the spoilers will fade, and data shall once again return to the Sandpanther.

(And since I know some (*cough* most) of you are shaking your heads and wondering if I've gone off the deep end, I just want to say that no, I'm not as insane and obsessive as the above entry would suggest. It's just been one of those slow, boring days of the type that leads to strange, crazed thoughts. And I really do hate having my references sources inaccessible, even if it's due to a choice on my part that is rendering them inaccessible.)

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