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Suki Kyara: Mebius

In response to tagging from madsqueeble, the sukikyara meme.

Sukikyara Baton/Fave Chara Meme

Target: Ultraman Moebius (or Mebius, if one prefers that spelling)/Hibino Mirai
Rule: You must answer the following questions about your target character.

(1)Do you like this character?
How can you not like him? He's just so outgoing and friendly and tries really, really hard and is cute and clueless and... Um, yeah. That would be a yes.

(1.5) Talk about this character's appeal.
*points above* I think I just did. Though he can have a serious side that I like as well. He has strong opinions on right and wrong, and on what's fair. It intrigues me to watch how those serve as kind of a base that all the rest sits on.

(2)What do you call this character?

"Mirai", "Mebius", "Mebi" (when I'm feeling very lazy on the typing), "Moebius" (when I'm being all official and translator-y), and "puppy dog" on occasion.

(2.5)What lines/actions of this character made an impression on you?

"Boku ga tsukuimasu!", also from ep. 29. Though, really, this needs the full context.
"Ima made arigatou gozaimasu" from ep. 29, because it's such a pivotal moment. The reprise in ep. 50 doesn't carry the same emotional impact as far as I'm concerned.

"Isshou ni tatakawasete kudasai", from ep. 1 and reprised again in ep. 18.

Left in Japanese because that's how I think of it, and putting it in English seems to lose a lot of the effect for me. The ep. 1 and 18 quote the alert reader can look up for themselves. The ep. 29... eh, it's about where you'd expect it to be in that episode, so there you go.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm not thinking of them right now.

(3)Looks like your character just got lost. Now what?

Oh, please tell me he's not having a day off when he gets lost! The world is DOOOOOOMED if he's having a day off!

If it's early enough in the episode, he'll encouter something Strange And Important. Odds are good this Strange And Important thing will probably render him unconscious. Sooner or later his friends will use his Memory Display to track his location and drag him back to base, where he will wake up sometime later in the infirmary looking cute and bufuddled (honestly, they should just paint flames on that bed as often as someone -- usually Mirai -- ends up in it) surrounded by everyone (doesn't someone have to stay on monster watch? Seriously!)

If it's later in the episode, he'll have to transform and beat up the monster. After the monster's defeated and he changes back, his friends will show up and pick him up -- but not until after they give him hassle for getting lost in the first place.

(4) What's this character's 'image colour'?

Red for passion, gold for cheerfulness. Fire symbolism all the way, baby!

(No, I'm not meaning that kind of passion, get your mind out of the gutter already! I'm talking about the dedicated kind.)

(4.5)What would you like to dress this character in?

Huh, interesting question. Anything not pleather. Or head bandages, since they do unaesthetic things to his hair. Actually, that whole outfit he was wearing in ep. 30 is, erm, something he should consider never reprising.


This is steadily turning into more of a "don't wear this" response than anything else. I'm not trying to undress him -- really! It's just that what he ends up wearing most of the time is most unfortunate in so many different ways.

I think on the positive side, I'd like to see him wearing anything that looks really good on him. Since we really don't ever get to see that.

On the bigger side, I found the pictures of him dressed in hakama to be amusing, and the one of him in a kimono to be downright hillarious.

(5)What's this character's image song?

"Shiny Happy People". (Thanks to sakon76 for the suggestion.)

(5.5)What animal would this character be?

Oh, a dog without a doubt. (How else the puppydog eyes?) A big one, like a golden retriever who's all happy and loyal and floppy -- and you should never, ever cross because he will dismember you in defense of what's dear to him.

(6)What do you think this character's blood type is?

*looks up what the types mean* Probably O. "Agreeable, social, an optimist" -- yeah, that sounds like Mirai.

(6.5)What type of underwear do you think this character wears?

When short, probably boxers with silly things on them like Mickey Mouse or dancing bananas or something.

When tall, not so much with the clothes.

(7) In the show this character appears in, is there any other character who you would 'allow' to have a relationship with him/her?




Oh, you wanted me to say which. I consider Ryuu/Mirai to be pretty much canon, though I do give sakon76's OT6 a dubious "there is technically justification for that in series" nod. (And back away very, very quickly, because that idea kinda breaks my brain.)

(Oddly -- and somewhat off topic -- while I consider Ryuu/Mirai=OTP, I think Ryuu/Marina and Ryuu/George have some interesting dynamics. Ryuu/Serizawa -- for all that the series practically begs for it -- hits my abuse of power squick (teachers shouldn't sleep with their students), so it makes me run screaming.

Back on topic, I'll accept that Mirai/George has some possibilities -- though I really don't see them beyond a fairly brief fling. (Someone else is welcome to write something to convince me otherwise.) Unfortunately, as far as I'm concerned it's too likely to be based more than a little on hero worship, and I think that makes a bad foundation for a long term relationship. And for all that I once (half-jokingly) suggested Moebius/Hikari, I don't really see any connection there. Maybe a little Florence Nightengale on Hikari's part, but their personalities strike me as too different for there to be a lot of common ground to support any kind of a long-term relationship. And yeah, for some reason I don't think in terms of flings. Go figure.

Oh, and the order I list characters in pairings has nothing to do with who I think's on top. Sometimes I'm just not very good at following convention.)

(7.5)Does this character top or bottom? (seme or uke?)

I can see it either way, honestly. I'm perhaps a bit eccentric in terms of liking to see someone else take care of Mirai every now and then (since he spends so much time being responsible and taking care of everyone else), so in that regard I can see uke. Similarly, he seems so generally naieve I could see when it comes to sex he would be the more pliant, accepting partner (i.e., uke stereotype.) But considering that he's really someone who sees what he wants and doesn't stop until he gets it, I could see seme. Besides, he's taller.

(8)Is there anything you want this character to say to you?

No, because then I would seriously start to doubt my sanity. I'll just stick to characters talking to me in the context of fics, thanks.

(8.5)Is there anything you want to say to this character?

Ima made arigatou gozaimasu. Soshite... kore kara mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

Left in Japanese because honestly, I think the "kore kara mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu" doesn't bring the overtones with it in English, and the overtones are really the part I care about.

(9)What would you rather do: hold hands with the character, be hugged by the character, or be kissed by the character?

What, take away some of Mirai's precious Earth Stuff? That would be like depriving the King Of All Cosmos of stuff!

This question got me thinking... I always say Mirai's a bit of a packrat. He's got a ton of stuff on his desk, and the few times we see his room, it seems to have a fair amount of stuff as well. He seems to collect stuff just for the novelty value of it. But I think the only physical possession he has that he values is his Memory Display -- and then only after episode 30.

That said... Having one of those Memory Displays would be cool, so I'd have a portable monster database! ^____^ *absconds with it post-series* What? He's not using it any more! (Oooh, I wonder if he gets it back for the second movie...?)

(10)Pick the next five people to do this baton with their target characters.

Eh, anyone else wants to pick someone and share the entertainment, knock themselves out. You know, this doesn't have to be limited to just the Ultras. There are tons of other characters out there. Sakocchi, anyone?


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