Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Eaten By Garden, Film at Eleven

In response to a friend accusing me of being hard to get ahold of lately, uh... yeah, I guess I kind of have been. The last two weeks have revolved around work, gardening, and subbing. And trying not to freak out about leaving for Japan in less than two weeks. (I feel so unprepared!)

Work's been a bit topsy-turvy this quarter. Not as completely slammed as, say, last November, but still very busy. The past couple of weeks I've finally managed to cut back to only doing 40 hours weeks, which has been a refreshing change. I'm still enjoying it a lot (nearly a year later -- what a refreshing change!)

This week I got word that there's a reorganization going on, and my group -- all one of me -- is being moved under a new manager. My very first being reorg'd, how novel! I'm finding it a bit daunting at the moment since that portion of my job takes the least amount of time (only about one day a week). So I'm playing a wait and see game to find out what they want me to do with the other thirty-two hours in my week while trying to finish up what has been the mainstay of my job for the past several months. My gut says when all is said and done, probably very little will materially change so I am trying to practice my new philosophy of "there will always be time to panic later so why start now?"

Been spring cleaning with a vengeance this year, largely in the garden. There's a bunch of random cement that I've been meaning to remove for a while now. Well, now is when that while ends. The sledgehammer has been my good friend and now there is a huge pile of cement awaiting the annual neighborhood cleanup day. And thanks to the much-appreciated efforts of racerxmachina and roseembolism (along with my parents), the vegetation is under control. The yard is starting to look more like a yard than a bombed out mess. I am very pleased, and am actually enjoying spending time in the back yard for a change.

This is, however, only the beginning. Now I need to figure out what to do with the space the cement once occupied and then, well, implement the plan. Exciting things are afoot though, and I am looking forward to seeing what my house and yard look like come this October.

Inspired by all the lovely weight loss success stories around me (along with the thought of a two week vacation that is going to involve at least eight day of spending the whole day walking) I've been trying to hit the gym a lot more lately. Some days, though, I skip and just go gardening. I figure an hour with a sledgehammer and carrying concrete around should count for as good a workout as half an hour on the treadmill -- right?

This has been a major heads-down week for trying to get FCS stuff knocked out in preparation for going on vacation. We got this week's episode released on time for the first time in 2008 (YAYZ!), and put the two episodes that will release while I'm gone into the pipeline. I finished proofing and sent out three other episodes, with two short bits left that I'd like to get done before I leave but won't die if I don't get them finished. But if I do get them done, then I don't have to worry about anything other than reviewing/incorporating edits until... uh, July? Yeah. July. Yay, section of episodes that aren't mine to worry about, half of which are already in the pipeline.

And now I go take a shower and then get some well-deserved rest. 'Cause for some mysterious reason, I'm mighty sleepy! ;)

Oh yeah, and 18 episodes of Tiga left. I'm thinking I probably can get them finished up before I leave. I hope...

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