Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

"Every Day Can Be Lightened By Random Haiku Exchange, Don't You Think?"

Feeling a bit bored at work today, I IM'd the following to sakon76:

Sandpanther: "Chittering monkey
in spring he climbs the tree tops
and thinks himself tall." (1)

... which is a quote from the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode, "Tales of Ba Sing Se".

Sakon76: Beethoven's music
doth play and make me better
yet too soon it ends.

Sakon76: *gnaws fruit ferally
wishes it was five o'clock
ponders destruction* :)

Sandpanther: Peaceful afternoon
seems to drag on forever
when will the end come?

Sakon76: *snerk* Oh dear. I know how the drunken haiku contest could work. (2)
Sakon76: Have them meet at Yuusuke's ramen stand.
Sakon76: Since it's a marginal dimensional nexus anyway.
Sakon76: (Same with Ivan and Kitten...) (3)

Sandpanther: Lo, the dimensions
collide, horror in their wake.
Brain slides to the floor.

Sandpanther: Sadly, we are not
ones who speak the ghetto speak
No smack haiku here.

Sandpanther: I have a feeling
Haiku upsets Yuusuke --
disaster follows.

Sandpanther: (Technically that second line only works in Japanese, where Yuusuke's name is... Oops. Four syllables.)
Sandpanther: *gets thrown head-first out the door*
Sandpanther: Ah, poetry!

(That last one should be: I have a feeling/ that haiku upsets Yuusuke -- disaster follows.)

Sakon76: As long as they pay
their ramen bill it's all good
or so I would think.

Sandpanther: The ramen stall is
yours; I think you need to be
the one who writes it.

Sakon76: After I catch up
maybe I'll try to write it
if Iroh makes tea.

Sandpanther: *laughing silently*
This ought to go on LJ
*copies to thumb drive*

Sandpanther: Iroh making tea
is always well worth the wait;
I shall be patient

Sakon76: Hot boiled leaf juice
Zuko must learn artis-tea
he has no taste buds.

Sakon76: Maybe Aang knows tea
He was, you know, raised by monks
As yet, who can say?

Sandpanther: I must remember:
Pull out and take the thumb drive,
for smut fic's on it.

(while it's worth the read, it's not
something to be left at work.)

Sandpanther: (threw in a tanka for variety.)

Sakon76: I know this music
we danced once upon a dream
it's "Sleeping Beauty"!

Sandpanther: Oops, I must go ask
the number for the call bridge
so I can dial in.

Sandpanther: The number obtained,
I place it with the thumb drive
to not forget it.

Sandpanther: Every day can be
lightened by random haiku
exchange, don't you think?

Sakon76: It certainly can
haiku engages the brain
the day becomes short.

Sandpanther: Now I bid goodbye;
home I go to get my back
fixed by Master Ray.

Sakon76: Have a good massage
feel less pain and more relaxion
good-bye; drive safely!

(1) I did not compose this!! All credit should go to the Avatar series writers. Along with lots and lots of fan mail, for they rock in general, and that particular episode rocked hard!

(2) This is a reference to a previous conversation in which I observed that Ryuu, from Ultraman Moebius, and Sokka, from Avatar: The Last Airbender should get into a drunken haiku contest. The same conversation also produced the observation that Mirai and Aang would get along like a house on fire.

(3) This would be Ivan Vorpatril, from Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan novels, and Kitten (aka, Hizashi) from my Of Kids and Kittens. Uh... that particular comment probably makes sense to no one but me and Sakon76. But Ivan and Kitten would also get along like a house on fire. Whatever locale they were in would also be on fire, except that both Ivan and Kitten are lazy.
Tags: avatar, haiku, ultraman mebius

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