Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

When Trying To Sleep, Don't Poke The Internet

I really should know better than to go clicking stuff late at night.

The currently running Mebius Gaiden manga is called "Armor of Darkness". It concerns Emperor Seijin's armor, which is supposed to endow the wearer with almighty powers. In the next issue, er, spoiler... someone we thought was dead grabs it and books.

According to rumor, "Armor of Darkness" has finished filming at one of the Toho studios. This is the one that I've been reading about closing down, so now those rumors make vague sense. (Only vague sense.) The rumor was very clear on "Armor of Darkness" and "filming", so if that's true, it ain't just a manga.

Apparently Tarou and Mebius are the only Ultramen who can do the combining thing. Huh. Aren't they also the only two who pull the Ultra Dynamite thing too?

Ah, found the manga scans with the rest of the Crew in it. Most nifty! *is amused that "Ryuu-san" gets split out from "minna"* Huh, yeah. I guess throwing Mebius, Hikari, and the Crew into Arch-Bogal's stomach is a recipe for indigestion. And glowing stomachs.

Okay, I declare myself too tired to try and thrash through more scans. Man, this has been the Day of Mebius. Started poking at fanfic ideas, then moved on to finishing up some timing and various subbing erratria. Watched bits of episodes, then poked at online scans. *falls over go booms*


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