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So I'm looking at a new machine with the One Clued User. We're looking at the possibilities of some really determined idiot putting their fingers somewhere where fingers don't belong, and considering ways of keeping the morons from being stupid. (Futile quest, I know. But Cal OSHA says we gotta do it.)

So the OCU comes up with an idea of putting a lid on the problem area, and compares it to "the old deflowerer".

Now I don't know about anyone else, but the mental image I get when someone says "deflowerer" is just not terrible pleasant. It sounds potentially, um... Well, rather like a device one doesn't discuss at work!

I gave the OCU a strange look, and asked him what this "deflowerer" is supposed to do. Now he thinks I've got a dirty mind. *sweatdrop*

(For the bored, we make contact lenses, which are made in a mold. Several molds are grouped together on a spindle, and the whole contraption looks rather like a flower. The deflowerer was used to pull the two halves of the mold apart so that the lens inside could be extracted.)

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