Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Oh Dear...

Ultraman Mebius Powerful Stage was just announced.

Those are for the exact dates that we'll be there if we put the festival at the end of the trip. (It being on April 6, and the stage run ending on April 5.) Oh dear. All of them being in the Kanto (unlike Fukushima -- though since when did Shizuoka and Nagano become part of the Kanto?), they're pretty darn feasible. Heck, we need to go out to Nagano again this trip anyway.

Well, I was wondering what to do for the four hour drive down to Santa Barbara. Looks like I'll be spending the time dithering about how much I want to preserve my dubious dignity.

In unrelated news, laptop is here, and the other computer is throwing an AVISynth error. I'm thinking installing all the appropriate stuff onto the new laptop will probably be the resolution route of choice.

edit: *sweatdrop* My blog should NOT come up as the first hit on a google search for "nishina masaki". And no, I haven't spotted any of the main cast saying they'll be at this event.

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