Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Cool, And Yet, Not

So, place I had to call to get an RMA because you shipped the wrong item:

On the plus side, using the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack for hold music gets you points.

On the minus side, telling me that I'm going to have to wait two weeks or so to get the item that I actually ordered, since I have to wait for the thing that you shipped me to get back to you then wait 3-5 days for you to process your mistake before sending me what I actually ordered does not encourage me to ever use your service again. I'll go with someone who doesn't mail me the wrong item, thanks.

<-- cranky

And now I've got the Fellowship music stuck in my head. And have discovered that, for reasons that escape my understanding, all of the LotR soundtracks have mysteriously escaped off my iPod. (Which I had with me for once. And I know I had the LotR stuff on there before, so I am really quite curious as to why it's not there now. Thank you, Apple, for that reminder of why I won't buy another iPod.)

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