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Feralness, Ho!

I forgot how thoroughly I loathe having to futz with setting things up on my computer at home. Particularly things with limited documentation (or documentation that expects that the reader already knows everything -- if I already knew it all, do you think I'd be wasting my time reading the documentation? Why, no! I'd be off doing whatever fun thing it is that this application/hardware/whatever enables me to do. Duh.)

For anyone wondering why I don't run Linux or adore Macs, it's because I really don't want to spend all evening fighting compatibility issues just to get things to work. I'm not saying that Windows is so perfect for everything working -- but at least it's the stuff that everyone tests on, so my odds are better. Yeah, I know that makes me a weak geek. Whatever.

Two nights of fighting my computer later have so far produced: an urge to destroy the world down to the last molecule, and... uh, not a lot else. I think I might finally have gotten the program I use to recompress stuff I record off TV to function -- but at the cost of destroying my ability to do subtitles. This is not progress in my opinion. Particularly not when I've ended up responsible for the timing on an episode AND am gone all weekend so I won't be able to spend that time futzing with it to fix the problem. Lo, my joy knows no bounds.


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