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That's Cut, Huh?

Igarashi updated his blog and commented that he cut his hair. *stares at the picture* You call that cut??

He says it's the shortest it's been since last April, and the reason he cut his hair is because he's in a drama from 2/25 - 2/28 called "Isshun no Kaze ni Nare" ("Become a Brief Wind") It's set on the shore, so he says every day he's been doing a lot of running.

(Yes, I'm too lazy/tired to actually translate, so there you go.)

Eh, while I'm thinking of it, there was an article in the Chuunichi Sports paper (yeah, don't ask me why it's in a sports paper) on the new movie.

The article doesn't have a lot to add, other than confirming that Mirai shows up -- as should be obvious from this picture. Most of what it's saying is stuff we've seen before, with the only tidbit being at the end: they're aiming for adding together fourty-plus years' worth of Ultraman history, so there are still more surprises to come.

(Picture, l-r: Igarashi Shunji (Mirai/Mebius), Yoshioka Takeshi (Gamu/Gaia), Nagano Hiroshi (Daigo/Tiga), and Tsuruno Takeshi (Askua/Dyna))

Edit: The source I got the pointer to the newspaper article from points out that it drops an unintentional spoiler: "The story's set in Yokohama, where Nagano, Tsuruno and Yoshioka are working when a monster appears." So they're just there, hanging out. No explanation why they're all in the same Yokohama.

Randomly, I hadn't realized the actress who plays Rena (the chick/love interest in Tiga is Kurobe Susumu's daughter. Kinda cool!

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