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Info On UM Nagoya Show

Finally got around to doing some dedicated digging (read: dedicated procrastinating), and found a synopsis on what happened in the Ultraman Premium Stage (ウルトラマンプレミアステージ) production that ran in Nagoya last year during Golden Week. Not a lot of info on the story, but some random interesting tidbits on what happened. I'll try and translate it sometime when I'm not feeling horribly guilty about, well, procrastinating. (Read: Sometime when I'm not looking around for more reports. ... What? I've spent five hours putting this off today alone -- you didn't think merely finding one measly link was going to get me to stop did you?)

Eh, want to save this. More to come.

(And I did stop procrastinating. Briefly.)

Edit: Slightly different synopsis, slightly different information. This one's from, which I really probably should ought to keep up on regularly. For one thing, they predicted a second movie about eight months before we got any hint of one. Besides, interesting info on a variety of toku stuff.

It's really unnatural to see Zearth and Seven on the same stage together. Largely because I try to forget that Zearth exists. (Yes, bad fan. It happens sometimes.) And yes, that's Mirai in the upper left-hand corner. Igarashi reeeally hasn't been keeping up on the blogging since he forgot to mention this appearance, which was back on 11/26/2007. Event report is here

Sounds like Konomi is going to be showing up, in GUYS uniform. Yes, the cut tag is longer than the information.

Dude, this guy has more names than a courtier in Heian Japan -- with just about as much meaning embedded in all of them. This I find out because his happy New Year post features calligraphy of the name "Iwai Kujirou", and he comments that's his name. Which, as it turns out, it is. More on this in a minute.

According to Wikipedia, his name's actually 仁科 正樹, which is still pronounced "Nishina Masaki", but is written differently from 仁科 克基, which he's currently using for acting. He used to use the stage name 目黒 正樹 ("Meguro Masaki") or 仁科 克己 (yet another version of "Nishina Masaki" -- dude, we know you know your kanji. Can you knock it off now, please?)

When trying to look up previous credits for 目黒 正樹 I found a link that makes some comment about him being in Johnny's (sp). (Yeah, I've been around swtjemz enough to do a total WTF?? on that.) Unfortunately, when I clicked the link I landed on a page that has a quote at the top in English from Leviticus about how men sleeping with each other is naughty and my brain broke. Nishina-san's name does get mentioned later on, but I will have to wait for my brain to recover to parse out the page is talking about, since a quick scan throws out a whole lot of "WTF is that kanji doing on this page???" and causes my brain to throw out of cheese errors.

Anyway, very strange demonic Leviticus Johnny's pages aside...

I think I mentioned in some previous rambling somewhere that Nishina-san's from a serious entertainment family. Both his parents are actors, and both sets of grandparents work in the entertainment industry in some form or other (one's a kabuki actor), along with various siblings, half siblings, aunts and uncles. Oddly enough, it seems that both sides of the family hail from Tokyo, which makes me puzzled as to why he and his sister grew up in Kyoto. (And I believe his mother lives there still...? Would have to go back and look up past blog entries to confirm that.)

As far as I can tell, the Nishina surname actually comes from his mother's mother's side of the family. His father's side of the family seems to use the "Meguro" surname. His maternal grandfather is the 10th kabuki actor to hold the name of "Iwai Hanshirou", and this is related to where the Iwai surname comes from. (I'm currently unclear as to whether the "Iwai Hanshirou" name is one that's handed down within the Iwai family exclusively, or if one were to take on someone outside the family as an apprentice if the name could be handed over that way. I suspect that generally someone inside the family carries on the name, but am insufficiently unfamiliar with the rules of succession for kabuki stage names to be able to tell. As far as I can tell, it's kept only within the Iwai family, and has been for all ten generations. Yes, that means this family can trace back lineage into at least the 1600's.)

There is also an Iwai School of Japanese traditional dance. Apparently Nishina-san is proficient in this style, since this is why he holds the name "Iwai Kujirou" (mentioned above.) The kanji(*) used describing this is one that means "succeed to a name", a custom that's somewhat unique to Japan in that certain types of performers will pass on their stage name to designated successors. Being chosen to hold a name like that is quite an accomplishment.

All of this explains a lot more the blog entry that puzzled me a while back where Nishina-san made some comment about practicing traditional Japanese dance. For some reason I thought he was just starting lessons. Oh no. He's really freaking proficient in it, it seems.

(*) And now I get to add "succeeding to a professional name" as yet another completely bizare word I've learned because of Mebius. It's made up of two kanji, the second of which is, unsurprisingly, the "na" in "namae". The first one I will likely remember in the future. The radical is the six-stroke one meaning "cloth", while the rest of it I am more used to seeing on its own as one of the words for "dragon", which is usually read "ryuu". And thus I prove that it's gotten late enough that my brain is doing nothing but free associations and it is clearly past time I were very, very asleep.

Oh, and that weird page with the Leviticus quote? Really only got weirder. Possibly more on that later.

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