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Random Notes

More info on Tanaka Minoru than you can shake a stick at. Sheesh, it even has the bit part he had in this year's taiga drama. (All one episode of it.) Ah, and he's in Iryuu 2. Guess I'm going to have to watch that at some point. (Yeah, yeah, I was gonna get to it anyway. :P) Ooh, and in Tantei Gakuen Q! Kyaa! Eh? And Oku-san wa Keishi Soukan? How did I miss that??? And why the heck didn't Nishina mention that? 'ttaku... Yet another reason to finish watching through it.

Looks like we are currently in Heisei 19. Wish I could remember why I wanted to know that...

According to this site the name "Sakomizu" comes from the very early planning stages for Ultraman. It was Redman's real name. That makes three names down, bunch more to go! *dansu*

George doesn't like his last name because he couldn't write it because the kanji (斑鳩) are really complicated, and the trauma from that has lingered to this day. This I have out of a book I picked up on a whim and then forgot about once I got home. Silly me. I shall now go and read it all.

The space language that Fanton seijin speaks is basically a space pan liguica. Which would explain why Mirai speaks it.

For reference for later: "Out Of Document" refers (strangely enough) to a set of records covering the time period between the destruction of MAC and the formation of the UGM.

Hm. Book that I should have read before lists official ages for a bunch of people:

Serizawa: 30
Ryuu: 20
Marina: 19
George: 20
Konomi: 18
Teppei: 18
Asami: 26
Aya: 22

Answering my question from earlier today: Emperor seijin is from a plant that, like the Ultra planet, had its sun go out. He was the sole survivor, a fact he was more than a lot bitter about. Which, if one thinks about it, explains why he's got such a big issue with the Ultras and their whole "Land of Light" thing.

Ha, and I guessed correctly. Emperor seijin originally comes out of Tarou. (Episode 25)

Hm. Happy birthday (a few days late) to Ishikawa Saaya, who plays Misaki. And apparently has a part in SevenX, episode, er, seven.

Book I should have read earlier says that the newer of the Ultra Brothers call their senpai "ni-san". It lists Leo and Astra in with the Brothers, so I'm guessing that "ni-san" is not necessarily designating a blood relation in this case.

The Japanese wiki page on the Ultra Brothers Story mentions that Jack is Ultra Papa's older brother. Hm. And lists ISBNs for the tankoubon. I wonder if it's still possible to get them...? (Amazon JP says yes -- though the ones that can be gotten appear to be newer reprints... Oh, and all those listed are used. So maybe not so good with the ordering.) This manga appears to have more detail on what happens with the Ultra Daisensou. (Yes, I'm currently too lazy to translate "daisensou". Whatever.)

Eh. this page has a lot of interesting information, and I should probably poke around at the rest of the site sometime when I'm a bit more awake. Which is not right now.

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