Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

In Quest For Manga

Trying to find if the Mebi manga that takes place post-series has been combined into a tankoubon and released yet. Failing to find that, but so far have found:

Very silly Ultraman wallpaper

Mebius screen saver

This site has links to a bunch of random Ultraman related download stuffs.

(I'll confess to being a bit puzzled by the sudden earthquake alert posters. I think those are from this year -- we're in Heisei 19, right?)

Aw, darn. I wish I'd thought of this URL first:

Ultraman Live Show 4D -- which includes (if I'm not mistaken) the Thai Ultraman.

OHMYWORDDIEOFTHEKYUUUUTE!!! GO SEE THIS NOW!!!! *ahem* Sorry. Brain eaten by cute.

Okay, 'nuff messing around, back to work. But from this I've learned: 1) has no knowledge of either a 2008 Mebi calendar, nor a manga tankoubon for the manga that was running earlier this year, and 2) I still have no idea what the deal is with the Playmovie video games.
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