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20 November 2007 @ 10:40 pm
Productive evening... Got T-day shopping done, stuck shelves in the bookcase I moved, posted edit comments on the next episode, finished rough draft translation for the episode after that, *and* figured out why the character is not going to do what I had him doing in the weird omake. (That last bit really shouldn't make much sense -- though I'm glad to have figured it out, since part of why I wrote the omake was to rattle out why it's wrong. Oh, and because it amused me, and I figured it would also amuse sakon76.)

Random bit from translating: There's a DVD entitled "Tanjou! Ultraman Mebius", which literally translates in English to "Birth! Ultraman Mebius" -- which (rather obviously) sounds lame, so I switched it to the more English friendly phrasing of "Ultraman Mebius Is Born". Having heard one too many Christmas carols already, the two merged in the hideous primordial ooze that is my hind brain and produced the Ultraman nativity scene. This disturbs me deeply.
UltraM2000 - 外国女性熱中人madsqueeble on November 21st, 2007 08:37 am (UTC)
*grins mildly*

Away on a planet, no crib for a bed,
Our Ultraman Mebius laid down his sore head,
The stars in the night sky looked down where he lay,
For Bogarl had kicked his butt every-which-way

...And so on and so forth? ;)

P.S. - Login cookie went phut. Pretend you can see Mebius going '...Logic, much?'

Ohgod, I remember my first standalone UM fic...let's just say it involved a cluster of five-no-six stars and Taro, shall we? :D