Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Flowing Smoothly

Plumbing fixed. (For now. 6-8 clogs over 3 years has taught me that there is always backup tomorrow.) Folks and I managed to get it taken care of ourselves, though for a bit it was looking like it was Roto-rooter time. Have begun the process of decontaminating the kitchen. For anyone thinking of flooding their kitchen, I would highly recommend putting a plug in the sink and using clean water, rather than having water come bubbling back up the pipe from the waste end like cheap beer coming out of a college student on a bender.

And on that cheery note I go to seek some sleep.

Edit: Forgot about the earthquake. Probably because I didn't feel it. I was driving at the time, which is probably why. Now that I think about it there's a bit that I thought was just me being too tired and not driving well which was probably more caused by the ground moving out from under the car. In any event, as far as I know nothing fell and the house is fine. I'll need to go inspect for cracks sometime when it's daylight.
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