Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Water, Water Everywhere

A washing machine flooding the garage problem has morphed into a kitchen sink flooding the kitchen (while also flooding the garage.) *facepalms* Emptying all the silverware out of the drawers is fun! (not...)

On the bright side, while trying to do damage control/clean up the mess I found not one, not two, not three but FOUR glorious boxes belonging to rhylar. Yayz! (And most of them are not even damp, with the one that is currently set off to the side and drying nicely.) I figure once I get the refrigerator and all the stuff that doesn't belong to me out of the garage I'll have room to fit a second car in there. ^_____^

Got Hikari Saga DVD and Drift 4. Poked HS long enough to determine that there aren't subtitles. Poked at Drift 4 long enough to realize that I might as well hold off until there's someone watching with me to enjoy all the random squee'ing. (They used a WRC magazine! With Gigi Galli in it! Hee!)

Watched UltraSeven X. Have more comments on the design elements. No further comments on plot or characterizations since neither of those seem to be developing.

FCS folks, comments on 14 onegaishimasu? Sooner rather than later would be greatly appreciated since I just got tapped for a high priority project and am starting to pull longer hours now. Thx!

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