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Mebi Movie II Thoughts 'N' Rumors

Man, I need to start dedicating more time to trying to keep up on rumors and info and stuff. Not being helped here by the complete and utter radio silence from the Mebi actors.

Set in Yokohama this time. That'll make it easier on everyone for commute to the locations. Come to think of it the only time I've been in Yokohama was... I wonder if that park from Mebius will show up or no. I suppose it depends on how they resolve the universe question. Though given that we've now got confirmation of five Ultramen from the Showa universe I think it would only be polite for the Heisei guys to be the ones doing the commuting. Show respect to their elders (Mebius excepted, of course) and all that.

So does "8 Ultra Brothers" count Tiga?

So far as I've seen we've got confirmed Tiga, Original, Seven, Jack, Ace... Mirai showing up kind of dictates Mebius showing up. (Don't really see him sitting on the sidelines sipping coffee with Sakocchi and gossiping about old times when there's a monster to beat up.) That's six confirmed. If the rumors of Dyna and Gaia are true and the Heisei guys get made honorary kyodai that kind of locks Hikari out. No Hikari but Ryuu showing up kind of screams GUYS universe to me. (Though I'm still dubious on the no Hikari part. Just based on random comments I've seen here and there.)

(Ah. According to a later post on Lah Tsuruno Takeshi's been spotted on location, so it sounds like Dyna is confirmed. Ditto for Gaia's Yoshioka Takeshi. Which, darn, means I need to track down all of Dyna in the next year or so. Too bad next trip I'm stuck in Kanto. Oh well, guess I'm going to have to find a way to get out to Nakano sometime. :P I've always had rotten luck finding used toku in Akiba. Though the Sharp Mebius sign amuses me. Aikawarazu kakko ee ya na!)

Huh. I wonder if I'm being stupid. This all started with the comment on Moritsugu-san's blog saying that he's working on a sequel to the movie he was in last year... Doesn't that kind of imply that this is in the Mebius universe?

If the rumor of the final big baddie being Baltan Seijin turns out to be true I will be more amused than words can say. (\/) (\/)

Filming's supposed to go through 'til 11/25 it appears. If I didn't already have tickets locked in for Wales... :P

I so totally need to spend some time poking around Japanese web sites and seeing what I can dig up on blogs/rumor mill. I'm sure someone out there has to have been kind and posted a synopsis of, say, the Nagoya show. But for now, I need to take a shower since I have to get in to work early tomorrow since it's Rally Japan. Not interested in seeing WRC and Mebius get in a war over the brain, there can be no prettiness there.

In only slightly related news, squee'ing that my Hikari Saga DVDs have shipped. I broke down and got a copy of Drift 4 while I was at it. Hot cars, hot Asian boys -- do I care if there's a plot?

Some day I need to remember to blog about Tantei Gakuen Q, and completely losing a scene of Important Exposition because the person doing the, er, exposing happened to have a collection of Ultraman monster figurines. Namegon! And Baltan seijin! And, uh, red dude whose name I don't remember and I know he was really important because I still remember him thi--uh, not saying years later and--!

Edit: Sheesh, how did I forget this bit? One of the rumors says there will be a Mebius spin-off series starting next year. *crosses fingers this is true*
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