Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

So Tired

As I said tonight when we left the restaurant, I've had a hard day of relaxing and I need to go rest from it. Though it should be a hard weekend of relaxing.

Friday: Dinner with fresne, delightful as always. She's now convinced me to get a gas fireplace. (Well, actually, her gas fireplace convinced me to get a gas fireplace, but she did an excellent job showing it off.)

Saturday: Got a little work done on fic, then gardened 'til I dropped. Or until the recycling can was full, as the case was -- though dropping wasn't far behind! Pretty much all the apples are off the tree, and several chores that had been needing to get done and weren't have been taken care of, so I'm feeling a lot more positive about the yard. It's far from cleaned up, but at least progress has been made.

Watched the first ... four? yeah, four episodes of Tiga. Intriguing, need to watch more. Think that Horii is Itsuki and Ryuu's secret love child. Am very disturbed. Turns out the DVDs don't have an English track at all -- only Japanese with or without subtitles. Gee, darn.

Sunday: Lovely lunch and soak in a communal bath with several friends up in J-town SF. Picked up some new incense (which, after having burned one stick, I realize I didn't pick up enough.) Nibbled on taiyaki. Ate several lovely meals, happy in the company of good friends.

It has been a long, hard weekend of relaxing and I'm afraid I need to fall over and go to sleep now.

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