Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Mmm, Velveeta

Tiga disks arrived already! Man, that seller was fast! Now I'm all set for hours and hours and *hours* of really horrible dialog. Whee!

(Okay, probably only about five minutes before I wail in agony and switch over to the Japanese track. But the thought is there. And I really should go back through and try to find some of the truly horrific lines that I know showed up in the English dub that I just can't remember right now.)

Randomly, it looks like most of the disks are re-releases, 'cause they make reference to "Tsuburaya 40 years".

My number of complete Ultraman series collections now numbers eight: Original, Seven, Leo, Tiga, Gaia, Neos, Nexus and Mebius. Three Showa, four Heisei, one combo. Oh, and all of SevenX to date except the episode that aired yesterday that I haven't found a download for yet. :P I have some episodes from Kaette Kita Ultraman, Ace, Tarou, 80, Zeath (*shudder*) and Max.
Tags: ultraman

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