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And For An Encore

In honor (and panic!) of Hikari Saga being released on DVD next week I've put Mebi translating on hold for the moment and have been whacking at Hikari instead. Finished up the last few minutes of the rough draft for ep. 1 this afternoon (including the obligatory Ebil Song -- which is, of course, now stuck in my head :P) And for an encore I smacked out a rough draft on ep. 2 this evening. *blinks* Yay extended fight sequences and lots of flashbacks?

Not sure if we should release Hikari Saga 2 until after Mebius ep. 17 is done, since it kinda contains a bunch of spoilers for that episode.

But, related to the discussion on Sennetari's LJ about Hikari and Serizawa

Excerpt from the translation, Zoffy speaking to Hikari:

Zoffy: Have you forgotten about the human you've become one with?

Ultra Mama: There is one who does not wish your death.

Zoffy: His wish is the reason you're alive.

So I guess my theory's wrong, and Serizawa's still kicking around but with Hikari doing most of the driving. It gives him a more solid-seeming reason for not coming back earlier... But really leaves me wondering what the heck he and Hikari were thinking letting Ryuu do the driving at the end??

A completely random thought just hit me: I think Tsurugi-possessed Serizawa is the only case I know of where a hosted Ultra is in charge while in human form. All the rest of them the human calls the shots while short, IIRC. (Except for what I've seen of Jack -- all three or four episodes. He seems a bit persnickety. "No, I don't wanna change now." ... later ... "Yeah, who cares if you have other things to do, we've got bigger matters -- if you'll pardon the pun -- to deal with now." Very much a will only change at his will kind of Ultra.)

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