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09 October 2007 @ 10:17 pm
Scattered Thoughts  
Was going to be more productive/post more, but I seem to be running up against bedtime. Not sure how that happened. :P

Due to a meeting getting canceled I got to head home a bit early today. So I decided to make up a batch of curry and check out UltraSeven X.

Just repeating what some other folks have said: Dark. Very dark. I like the style, but the scenes are dark. I suspect this is not just a stylistic choice on the part of the creators, but is also underlining something thematic: This is a world without light, now being defended by a warrior from the Land of Light. (I'm assuming Ultramen still come from Hikari no Kuni in this universe.) I'm really grooving with the design choices being made here.

Plot wise, it's got an interesting start. All the elements are pretty standard... Who am I? You're the one to save this world. Go forth and fulfill your destiny. Nothing particularly ground breaking here, but I liked it even so. I'm looking forward to the next episode -- and yet, I feel like so little happened in this one that there isn't much for me to say about it. It's more something to be experienced than then standard action/narrative. Like a visual version of classical Japanese literature, only with a dark, cyberpunk feel to it.

One thing that caught my attention, since I spend far too much time staring at Moebius credits: Pretty much none of the staff overlaps. I recognized Tsuburaya Kazuo and one suit actor (Souma Ken'ya, who did a lot of the monster of the week in Moebius), but no one else. This makes me wonder just how big Tsuburaya's staff is. Do they have enough people to be able to work on creating one series while producing another one? Admitted, UltraSeven X is going to be a shorter run, and the folks who worked on Moebius probably richly deserved a break. But still... Where is everyone else and what are they doing?

After finishing up dinner I settled in to working on translating an episode, which I finished. It was one of my favorites in the series, and finishing it brought the oddest sense of regret. There's only a finite number of episodes to be translated, and this just brought us one closer to never having another Moebius episode to translate ever again. I'm looking forward to finishing subbing the series and looking back and saying "gee, look at what we accomplished". But at the same time... I guess I'm enjoying the journey enough to be sad to realize that one day we'll arrive at our destination.

Seeing as how we just released episode 12 out of 50 I will accept that I'm being a bit premature at seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But finishing one of the episodes I count as really good kind of highlights how limited their number is. Maybe I should go translate that awful UltraPapa episode just so I can regain some perspective. (Or the Toriyama/Maru focused episode, since it's closer.)
VerusMaya IIverusmayaii on October 10th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
Don't mention the end of the subs, I had a hard enough time coping with finishing watching the raws, I can't imagine the final end that the subs will bring...

The first episode of Seven X was mostly set up for everything, and did a good enough job of it that I'm looking forward to the next episode also. Maybe my expectations were set a little too low, but I have a hard time taking things that put so much effort into being dark seriously. Your "world without light, being defended by light" comment is really interesting, I wonder if that'll pan out. Just how much of a hero is Seven X going to be? I've got a feeling we'll be dancing around some morally grey areas.
Nikki's Cornersennetari on October 10th, 2007 06:28 am (UTC)
I'm not sure, but I think at least some of the people from Ultraman Nexus are working on UltraSeven X. Which is very fitting seeing that they at least once had experiences producing a dark Ultra series before. Still, that doesn't really answer your question about the size of Tsuburaya's staff, or where the Mebius' staff has gone. ^^; (I want to know too.)

This is a world without light, now being defended by a warrior from the Land of Light.

I've never looked at the series that way until you mentioned it. It certainly makes a lot of sense. And yes, I'm sure Seven X comes from the Land of Light as well. (It's a pre-requisite of being Ultraman. They call Ultraman 'Titan of Light' for a reason. :)

It was one of my favorites in the series...

Is it the Jamusha (sp?) episode? If it is, I love that episode too. :) If not... ^^;;