Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

How To Write IniD Fanfic

Trying to stay awake through the stage, so I decided to take a swing through's IniD section. (Yes, I know, I like pain. Remember, I think the episode with the giant possessed statue of a Japanese deity that has an evil fish that flies around is *good* -- a classic, even!)

After reading a fanfic that had an extended data dump scene between Bunta and Takumi I said "I should write a guide on how to write IniD fanfic." lucifie said that would be cool she'd help, and fool that I am, I listened to her. (For all that I know that she's even sleepier than I, since she's several timezones ahead.) So anyway, here's my start:

- If you're writing a long exposition scene involving a conversation between Takumi and Bunta, you're doing something wrong.

- If you insist on talking about working on a car, try googling some parts. You may still not make sense if you have them upgrading the camshaft in an RX-7, but at least the parts won't be imaginary magical slotted brake shafts that will give the car 5 extra ponies.

- If you don't know how to drive, don't write races. Don't write talking about anything to do with driving, in fact. You'll only look stupid.

- Also note - you can't fit formula engines in street cars.

- Don't jump road cars. They don't survive. Defintely don't jump them off an overpass.

- When Takumi starts using technical car terms correctly you know you're doing something wrong.
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