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(Cut to avoid spreading spoilers and lots of spam to the non-Mebi friends.

Trying (and mostly failing) to get caught up on actor blogs, I popped over to Nishina Masaki's for the first time in weeks and stumbled on this entry and was intrigued to notice the way he signed things now. The bottom left's his name (Nishina Masaki), bottom left appears to be "Aihara Ryuu" (though I really can only make out the "A" at the beginning and an "R" later on.) The top is "Ultraman Hikari"... which is new, as far as I can tell. The one from Ultra Fest back in August didn't have the Hikari part.

Makes me wonder if there's more of the post-series story out there that I'm just not finding. *mutters*

Also from blogs... From this entry on Igarashi's... He's recently been answering questions asked by fans, one of which was the following:



Q: "When asked at the event in Kumamoto what his favorite food and favorite person were, Captain Ryuu said 'Curry made by Mirai' and 'Mirai'. What would your response to Captain Ryuu be...?"

A: "I like Ryuu-san too! *laughs"

(Thanks to verusmayaii for pointing that out -- I haven't been able to keep up on Igarashi's since he started posting all the time!
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