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Went up to Lassen Volcanic National Park this past weekend. Bubbling mud pots and steaming, sulfurous cracks in the earth, yay!

It reminded me that the last time I went that far north (on the ground) was around this time of year, when I went on a road trip with cirdan_haven to help llamabitchyo move from Seattle. So on the drive back I entertained the friend I was with on this trip by telling her Tales of A.

We turned off of 5 and I commented that one of the exits -- I can't remember which now -- was where A randomly took an exit, thereby doing us the favor of parting company. (So kind of her!) And then my friend surprised me by suddenly diving off at the first exit. Ehhhh? We don't need to commune with our inner A! (Not that I think I have an inner A. Or, rather, I pray I don't -- but if I do I want to know so I can exterminate it with extreme prejudice.)

Said exit was every bit as completely free of any services as I remembered. My friend assured me that she had a clever plan* as she followed this deserted road around until... the pavement ran out 50 meters along.

Yes, that's right. It turned into a dirt road pretty much immediately.

I was hugely amused that it's entirely possible the random exit that A took happened to not only have services but also lacked pavement. There were only two exits along the road that resembled the one that A took off, so there's a 50% chance this was the exit she took.

(* My friend's clever plan was to find a deserted spot so she could shuck off some of her warmer clothes, since it had been slightly above freezing in the mountains and was around 70 down in the lower elevations.)

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