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Ooh, my aching sense of disbelief. An Englishman in Japan in 1687? Oh, honestly. I'd buy it if he were... well, if he were Dutch, and very, very dead. (Particularly with such an excreble accent.) Or in Nagasaki. He could be on one particular island in Nagasaki Bay and that would be okay.

Surprisingly, they did get some random geography right. I was kinda stunned. Otsu is located near Kyoto. It's on my list of "places I haven't been to yet that are starting to piss me off for their unvisited-ness."

I suppose it really would be asking too much that the Japanese spoken in 1687 not be modern, huh? Masi Oka needs to watch more taiga doramas.

Yes, that is the main thing I remember about the episode. Hey, it's me!

I first listened to Mother Earth a few years ago and remembered not being impressed. After going and seeing Within Temptation in concert last Friday I decided to pull it out and give it another try.

Well, I know why I wasn't so impressed the first time. It's not Silent Force. There are a lot more slow songs, and the hard-hitting songs aren't as hard. I was looking for more Silent Force, so yeah, I was disappointed.

Now, I love it. But for its own strengths, rather than looking for it to be a prequel of something else. The musical styles are fairly different. One song reminds me a lot of Heather Alexander. Another reminds me of Lorena McKennitt. (See what I mean about slower?)

It's ironic that I pulled this out this week, given that "Our Farewell" is a song about someone dying, and last week was the Week Of Death. Not sure what black mood's taken me that I keep listening to such a depressing song at such a time, but there you are. It's track 3 which is just about how far into a CD I can get on my commute, so it ends up being played a lot.

So my summary: It's good. But don't go in expecting Silent Force, or you'll be very disappointed. It's a dark and moody CD, so if that's not what you're after, this may not be the CD for you.

In completely unrelated news, I got one episode pretty much completely edited/done, and sent out the initial drafts for two more. Go me. By the time one of those two is in the can I think I will hiss and stab things any time it is mentioned in my presence. I knew there was a reason I didn't re-watch it, but had not previously hit such depths of loathing. It is now tied for second place as my second least-favorite Mebi episode. And there's a chance it will edge out its competition once I translate that other one. (Not for many, many months, thank heavens!)

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