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Inflatable Couches?

(Note: open post, not friends locked, since I want to solicit as wide a range of input as possible. Please show due courtesy.)

Anyone know where I can pick up some inflatable couches? I'd like to have something to sit on sooner rather than later, so I'm thinking that might be a good interim solution until things have settled down enough that adult furniture can be returned to the living room.

I'm thinking of putting them on platform raised slightly off the ground, so that there can be air circulation in case any liquids get under them. (Though I suppose I could just as easily put down plastic drop-cloths. I prefer having the air circulation, though.) Going to need to hit Home Despot or something to figure out exactly how the support structure will work, though I figure that getting a couple of 4'x6' platforms supported underneath by 2"x2" posts at either end and in the middle, with another 2"x2" cross piece running perpendicular underneath in a T-pattern should do the job. Slap felt on the bottom and it should be hardwood-floor friendly, as long as the support pieces don't get damp.

I've completely reorganized my garage today. Still got a little bit to go, but it's mostly done. Not exactly the ultimate in home gym, but I do at least feel like I've gotten my exercise for the day. Amazingly, even though I've added more stuff to the garage I think the amount of available space hasn't been reduced much so I'm optimistic that I will still be able to park my car in the garage once I'm done. This makes me happy, since I was really not looking forward to having to park my car outside for an indefinite period of time.

rhylar, your stuff has been moved. It is now all lined up in front of taeriel's couches. I decided that putting it somewhere where no one could possibly get to it was probably not going to help with the goal of getting it reunited with you. :) If you need me to point out to you where everything is I'd be happy to set up a time and go over it with you.

taeriel, couches have been relocated to the garage. I'll be going out in a bit to pick up some Nature's Miracle (which had previously been recommended to me by slothman and obsessivewoman), and will keep you updated on progress.

On a cheerier topic, went with taeriel to see Within Temptation last night. It was an awesome show. I totally need to keep track of the next time they go on tour and catch them. And get the two albums of theirs that I'm missing. Anyone who's a fan of theirs, if you can catch them live do so. It's well worth it.

Also, folks in the SF area, Walmart is having a Green Day today (Saturday) and tomorrow where you can drop off old computers, TVs, etc. for recycling for free. Don't think they're taking video tapes, unfortunately. ;_;
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