Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Life With Yoyo

I want to make a long post about how stupid I was to have screwed up on rather critical line that gives a fascinating new slant (to me) on Hikari/Serizawa... only my intarwebs are communing with their inner yo-yo. Which I find puts a horrible damper on my urge to think deep philosophical thoughts. (Or at least post them.) So instead I say, fushigichanstaf folks, please take a look at the comment on the latest post to see if you agree/approve and otherwise I call myself done with this episode. Everyone else, ah, it'll be fixed by the time you see it -- or you don't care anyway.

I wonder if the other person who called into with the same internet problem I have is rightsock. The rep said it was someone else in my zip code with the same problem coming off the same AT&T thingie. (Yes, technical term.)

Was going to do more of a post, but not with the internet flaking. So... Two years later, Beef, we still remember. ;_;

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