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Caught Up -- Oops

Finally caught up on HanaKimi. Got finished watching the last episode I have downloaded (9, since the raws seems to be having problems playing through the XBox and I've been too lazy to just watch on my laptop), and my only comment? That was a stupid place to get caught up. *grumbles*

Guess who's just stopped being too lazy to watch raws on her laptop?

So I've finally stopped disliking the main characters. Sano finally developed a personality beyond the standard sulky pretty boy. Mizuki... eh, she's annoying me less. Nakatsu's okay, though he's still really not grabbing me.

The doctor... Now the doctor rocks. We need more of him.

I'm liking Namba. He's pretty and he doesn't annoy me. This is a good combination.

I'm having fun playing the "where in the scene is Noe Shinji?" game. I finally figured out the key is to look for overalls. (Though one scene I managed to recognize him based on his smile. >.>;;;) Whenever he shows up in school uniform I'm screwed. He's just too background for me to spot. Though why the *(&# was he dressed like Rei from Eva in that one scene? I feel like I missed something there. And if he was gonna dress in something stupid like that, why not use it more, rather than just be a background thing?

The Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou reference cracked me up, for various bizarre and me-like reasons. But where is Rat Man? I wanted to see Nezumi Otoko!

BTW, sakon76, looks like I was wrong and Igarashi did update today. It was just after I left for work or something. *is confused by timezones/what day is it?)

I got caught up on Den'ou over the week last week. Is it going to persist in kinda following a plot, or are we going back to the random stuff again? Am I going to keep following weekly or am I going to go back to marathoning it? (I much prefer to get a stack and then just crash through them. Otherwise the character silliness gets to me too much.) This and many other questions await the weekend for answers.

I actually like a character, though. Not just sometimes when they're not being a dork, but all the time. Yayz! Deneb is cool, and the way he's always scolding Yuuto and apologizing for him amuses me greatly.

And that is all for now. Not sure what I plan on knocking out next. Probably the stack of junk that's been piling up on the Tivo while I've been pecking away at other things. :P
Tags: hanakimi, igarashi, kamen rider den'ou

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