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Mebi Answers

Pulling this into a separate post rather than comments on cirdan_haven's journal, since I figure there are some other folks who'd be interested. Answers are probably going to be somewhat quick, since I put off doing this all day and will have to go to bed soon. Spoilers, ho.

Tarou: Alas, I thought him cool until I watched the first episode of his own series. I will always hereafter remember that he planted the evil space plant that ate his doggie -- and then didn't even notice that the doggie got munched!

Mebius got recalled so he could get stronger for the battle to come. (Yes, this is intentionally ominous.)

Quick synopsis on the conversation between Ryuu and Mirai in 30: Mirai's upset that he can't fight to protect the Earth. Ryuu asks why the Ultramen keep fighting (see ep. 8 where this question came up previously) and Mirai says that once upon a time his people were human too. Ryuu's a little confused by this, since Mirai looks human enough to him. Mirai says he's only borrowing human form, using the power of Ultraman. He goes on to say that one day they they ended up with this great power, even though it wasn't something they sought after. They figured since they had it, they had an obligation to use it to protect others. Mirai then points out the Ultra Star, which is where he's from. He says it's 30,000,000 light years from Earth, thus demonstrating two things: first, obviously Ultramen have figured out FTL travel, and second, Mirai always takes the long way around. (The Ultra Star being located in M-78 in Orion, and is actually only about 1,600 light years from Earth -- practically in our backyard!) At any rate, he says the light hitting Earth now from the Ultra Star is from back when Moebius's people were still human.* Ryuu goes "oh, so the Ultramen are protecting this planet since they see it as a reflection of their own." Meanwhile, Mirai teleports away. Ryuu shouts at him "Mirai! There's something important I haven't told you yet!" **

* Poke me to finish cleaning up the translation for the first chapter of Ultra Zero Story, which sheds some interesting and somewhat chilling light on this story. (If you'll pardon the pun.) Technically the Ultra Star went online 30,000,000 years ago, so based on Mirai's description of how far away the Ultra Star is from Earth, the light hitting Earth now is from right around when the Ultramen turned Ultra.

** And the crazed fangirl says: How did I miss this line before now???

Ep. 34 I will always remember fondly as the episode I got to watch live. Unfortunately that also always reminds me of slow-motion sumo, so that's kind of scary... (It also tends to make me think of the comment I read: "Is that a sweet potato in your icon?")

Ep. 35: Ryuu's hair... *shudder* Why...? The actor has nice enough hair. He is not inherently doomed to awful hair.

This episode has always kind of made me go "did Mirai wake up on the stupid side of the bed that morning?" He seems to spend the whole episode forgetting that he's telepathic. Otherwise, there is much coolness in this episode.

Ep. 37: Ugh, this is my second least favorite episode. I look forward to finishing translating this episode only because it represents the end of the sucky episodes (I hope -- unless I end up with the Super Mama episode as well, *shudder*) and there will only be coolness from there to the end. Stupid butt-waggling weird dialect-speaking dancing totem pole. :P

Ep. 38: There is much visual effects love in this episode. It is a lonely anchor of coolness in a sea of episodes I never re-watch. Isana's last message about "watch your cockpit transmissions -- I could hear them" was love. I fell off the couch I was laughing so hard. Particularly since I had been sitting there for a couple of episodes going "dude, you're transmitting all that in the clear. Anyone can intercept that. Don't you think this whole "Mirai = Moebius is just our little secret" thing would be a lot more secret if you would quit bloody well broadcasting it?!?

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