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When Tracks Collide

101 interesting ways to induce brain failure in the Sandpanther: This page contains information about a sequel to the Ultraman Moebius and Ultra Brothers movie. This picture at the top is listed as "Location: Obihiro City, Hokkaido".

At first glance I thought maybe they were connected. Gibbering and brain meltdown at the thought of a new Mebi movie was only to be expected. But Obihiro? That's the headquarters for Rally Japan! If they're filming Mebi movie in Obihiro in October, I'm booking plane tickets to Hokkaido.

Fortunately for my bank account, my job, and my sanity, I think the reference to Obihiro happens to be unrelated. But wow, that was an interesting combination to be hit with before breakfast on a Sunday.

*wonders if there's any prayer the Mebi movie will be out when she's in Japan next year* It pissed me off last year when the first movie left the theaters two weeks before I got there. :P

I'm gonna have to keep up on the Mebi-related blogs now, just to keep track of where everyone's going and see if anyone leaves any nifty movie-related tidbits. Igarashi has nothing yet -- though his last entry was on dressing up like Rei in HanaKimi 9. Nishina's latest entry is still on the DX Ultra Cockpit from Ultra Fest. (Rats, looks like he was there for most of that week. :P)

Hirata and Watanabe's blogs entertain me, though... Looks like they went off to the Sounan coast for a bit, along with Moritsugu Kouji. Looks like I was right and Hirata at least was at the BBQ that Moritsugu mentions on his blog... Anyway, there's a place out there that has a specialty dish named "Ultraseven hayashi omuraisu". I should see how close to Enoshima it is, and see if I can't hit it when I finally drag my butt out to Enoshima. (Wish that was this upcoming trip, but odds aren't good. Rar!) None of them mention anything about a movie. Still, I totally cracked up when Hirata commented about them spending the day at Umi no Ie. I wonder if Watanabe-san ate anything there...? *is perversely amused*

(Er, that's a weird reference out of Mebi episode 25... George says the reason that he doesn't like the ocean is because the ocean doesn't like him, and sites going to Umi no Ie and getting food poisoning as an instance of the ocean not liking him -- this would be why I know the Japanese word for "food poisoning" now. Okay, so I'm easily amused.)

Having gotten completely caught up on Den'ou, I'm now starting to work my way through HanaKimi. Just watched through the beach episode.

It's really starting to freak me out how I think "I wonder where Igarashi is" just before he says something. This episode when they had the bath scene I thought, "gee, it's too bad they left Igarashi's character behind" -- just before he showed up! *amusement* Though given the costumes they put him in... That's the best thing I've seen him wear the whole show. *sweatdrop* I wince every time I see that scary pink hair tie. Igarashi's hair is nice. It should not be sticking straight up, and certainly not be wrapped in pink!

They're starting to do more with Mizushima Hiiro's character, which is nice to see. (Not that we don't get more screen time with Nanba than Noe anyway... And what the heck Osaka-related name is "Noe" anyway??? I know where Nanba is (it scares me), and Tennouji (it taunts me with its lack of being visited), but Noe?)

(Yes, I am only watching the series for the toku actors. Though the other eye candy is nice as well.)

Nakatsu's cool and should get the girl. I only say this because I don't really like the cool, kakkoii hiiro type. :P

Okay, done with the stream of consciousness hyper babbling... for now...
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