Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Catching Up: Den'ou 27-28

I'm beginning to see why people were complaining about the series - movie tie-in. Before I thought it was cool having a connection (thinking something along the lines of UM and the movie.) Now I'm finding it confusing and somewhat annoying. I can fill in most of the blanks, but I'm kinda irked that I am even having to.

Climax form... I gotta agree with verusmayaii that it's kinda ick. Too clunky, no symetry. Then again, I haven't really liked the look of any of the forms in Den'ou, so I guess my opinion's already pretty biased against.

Like seeing more of Ryoutarou's relationship with his Imagin. Though it felt really abrupt just having them all pop out of the phone and everything's good. I guess there's only so much that can be done considering the format, but... Yeah.

When I get the chance I should probably grab a copy of "Climax Jump". For some weird reason I really like it, for all that it's of the style that I usually am pretty apathetic about. Will usually watch the opening credits just to listen to the song.

Damn, I can't type. Second straight night of seeing the wrong side of 3 AM is leaving me trashed. I better not have any production changes I have to make today or I am screwed.
Tags: kamen rider den'ou
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